ExThera Medical Corporation is developing revolutionary medical devices that address unmet clinical needs for the treatment of bloodstream infections and pathogen-reduction in blood banking.

The company was formed in 2008 through a joint venture between the Emergence Venture Partners Life Science Incubator and ExThera AB, at the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, and is currently conducting clinical studies of its first product, the Seraph® Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter, in Europe.

The company is initially focused is on therapeutic applications to treat drug-resistant and drug-susceptible bloodstream infections in high-risk patient populations,  with field deployable versions for biodefense and military use and a device that prophylactically safeguards banked human blood. ExThera Medical also intends to develop diagnostic, oncology, cardiovascular and bioprocessing applications of its technology.

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, the company is led by an experienced and seasoned management team, has a significant number of well-protected patents and a growing body of data from both company and independent laboratory conducted studies being used to advance Seraph toward regulatory clearance and use by clinicians for addressing these unmet medical needs.


Blood Stream Infections are deadly:

  • 210,000 patients died from Sepsis (a Blood Stream Infection complication) in the US (2011), a mortality rate = 28%

Blood Stream Infections are expensive:

  • BSI/sepsis treatment account for over 40% of all Intensive Care Unit costs.

  • Drug-resistant infections could cost the global economy $100 trillion by 2050 (Fortune)

Blood Stream Infection incidence is growing:

  • Despite Pharmaceutical industry efforts, BSIs have continued to rise: by a factor of 3x since the 70’s.